I’m not a doctor, coach or sports scientist. I am simply a runner frustrated with the stream of misinformation which runners are constantly fed, based on little more than anecdotes, misinterpretations or – worst of all – marketing campaigns. As a scientist (in my other life I study brains) I’m instinctively skeptical of any claim that has not been been rigorously tested and supported by … evidence. The blame lies neither with runners for buying these unsubstantiated reports, nor with the scientists working hard in the trenches, nor even those companies who might exaggerate or skew findings in support of their must-have shoe, supplement or gadget. The problem lies at the intersection of these worlds, a silent abyss of non-communication. The research is being conducted, but is rarely conveyed to runners in a concise, objective, accessible way.

It is from these frustrations that this blog was born, as an attempt to bridge that gap between runner and research, and offer some evidence-based rationale to runners amid the chaos of conflicting advice. Please read, reflect, critique, and most importantly … run informed and free!

Contact me with your thoughts, stories and suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!

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